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Implementation Guide Registry

The base FHIR Specification is a platform specification - a specification on which all sorts of different solutions are built. The specification focuses on defining capabilities, and creating an ecosystem. National standards, vendor consortiums, clinical societies, etc publish "implementation guides" that define how the capabilities defined by the FHIR specification are used in particular data exchanges, or to solve particular problems. Here is a list of some of the implementation guides defined by the FHIR community.

Specification Description Country Publication Draft
Argonaut Provider Directory: The Argonaut project Provider Directory outlines the key data elements for any provider directory and basic query guidance. The components developed in this guide are intended to provide a foundation for a central or distributed Provider or Healthcare Directory. USA Final Release v1.0.
Base National Specifications
US-Core: Base US national implementation guide USA STU v3.0 CI v3.0
AU Base: Base Australian national implementation guide AU CI v3.0
Clinical Documentation
C-CDA on FHIR: US Realm Implementation Guide (IG) addressing the key aspects of Consolidated CDA (C-CDA) required for Meaningful Use (MU). This IG focuses on the clinical document header and narrative constraints necessary for human readability, and references the Data Access Framework (DAF) implementation guide for coded data representation USA Ballot v1.8
Data Collection
SDC: Defines expectations for sharing of Questionnaires and answers, including mechanisms for automatically populating portions of a questionnaire based on embedded mappings to underlying data elements USA STU v3.0 CI v3.0
SDC-DE: defines expectations for sharing of data elements between registries USA STU v3.0 CI v3.0
USLab: US Realm Laboratory ordering and reporting between ambulatory care setting and the laboratory and laboratory reporting to public health jurisdictions USA Trial Use v1.0
RCPA: Structure Cancer Reporting Protocols (FHIR adaptation of joint CAP/RCPA protocols) AU CI v1.9
EHR Access
DAF: Basic arrangements for accessing meaningful use data from EHR systems NOTE: DAF has been superseded by Argonaut, DAF-Research and US-Core USA DSTU2 DSTU2
Argonaut: US EHR Vendor agreements for consistent access to EHR Data (consistent with DAF, but a subset of it) USA Final Release v1.0
HSPC: Builds on Argonaut to make agreements around consistent data (in progress) USA Draft v1.7
Medication Management
US Meds Maturity Project: promote consistent use of the FHIR pharmacy resources in the US Realm USA STU1 v3.0 CI v3.0
Quality Measures / Decision Support
QICore: QICore defines a uniform way for quality measurement and decision support knowledge to refer to clinical data. The profiles align as much as possible with DAF and incorporate content from the (Quality Data Model) and the (Virtual Medical Record) specifications USA STU 2 v2.0.0 CI v2.1
DAF-Research: DAF-Research IG focuses on enabling researchers to access data from multiple organizations USA STU v3.0 CI v3.0

To add additional implementation guides, email the FHIR Product Director.