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About and the FHIR Foundation

Welcome to the FHIR Foundation

The FHIR Foundation promotes global adoption and implementation of the FHIR platform standard. The foundation provides information, educational materials, tools, websites, and project support that helps the FHIR community collaborate, align, and expand. The foundation seeks to improve the interoperability of health data with a goal of improving the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare.

About the FHIR Foundation and associated web sites are run by the FHIR Foundation on behalf of the FHIR community. The FHIR Foundation is closely affiliated with the Health Level Seven, International (HL7) standards community. The FHIR Foundation is a non-profit chartered in the United States as a (xxxx), is international in scope.

HL7 is dedicated to the development and maintenance of healthcare-related interoperability standards, including FHIR. focuses on supporting the use and implementation of a specific standard – HL7 FHIR.

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